WEDDING TRENDS THAT ARE SURE TO WOW! (both you and your guests)

If there’s one thing we know for certain, it’s that wedding trends come and go – and relatively quickly! From color schemes, textures, floral design and unique elements that are sure to wow to experiential catering elements that will ensure your guests are entertained the entire time, there’s a lot to consider when making sure that your wedding is undeniably you! That’s why we’ve consulted some of the top resources for weddings to compile a list of trends that have been dubbed as this year’s trends to watch out for.


Modern weddings and edgy colors are certainly on the rise, but there’s something to say about the staying power of classically themed celebrations. Martha Stewart Weddings spoke to Laurie Arons of Laurie Arons Special Events who dove into this trend stating “the traditional, elegant dinner party wedding is back in fashion. For inspiration, think of the special elements in your grandmother’s dining room – silver candlesticks, monogramed linen napkins, Battenburg lace overlays and crystal stemware all have a place in this beautiful and timeless wedding trend.”


That's right - color schemes have long dominated couples design inspiration for weddings, but it’s time to think outside of the box! The Knot spoke to this trend saying “the idea of having an entire wedding theme is starting to upstage the basic color palette." Everything from enchanting to fantasy themes are included. We love this trend for how well a theme can represent you and your significant other. Some of our favorite suggestions came from Wedding Forward, which include:

  • Bygone Eras such as ancient Greece brimming with a romantic, magical aesthetic.

  • Movie-Inspired Celebrations are those like the ever-so popular Great Gatsby filled with glitz, glamour and intrigue, or the always magical Harry Potter, which emanate a warm, enchanting atmosphere.

  • Boho-Chic covers everything from rustic inspiration to vineyard themes. Think natural colors, soft textures and charming elements like macramé or woven decor. Even consider including inspiration from your favorite music festivals.

  • Artistic and Modern really allows you to dive in and express all of your creative affinity. Funky shapes, clean lines, wild colors and dramatic lighting. BRING. IT. ON.


Weddings are typically donned with favors for their guests to take home, you’ve all seen them: Specialty chocolates, embossed glasses or monogrammed mementos. Well, according to The Knot, it’s time to rethink the favors for your guests as well – infact Virginia Edelson of Bluebird Productions explained it as “mindful gifting” to Martha Stewart Weddings. Specialty vendors now include everything from cigar rollers to chocolatiers, but also consider gifting your guests things such as mini bottles of champagne, small succulents, midnight snack boxes or customized candles. One of our favorite list of ideas came from Wedding Wire.


In direct opposition to the classical wedding theme, dark & moody colors have begun to pop-up everywhere in recent years.

We personally love this trend for how warm-yet-intriguing these celebrations feel, and because it allows you to be more adventurous with your décor.

The only advice for these moody hues? Don’t be afraid. In fact, Wendy Kay of Birds of a Feather Events, spoke to Martha Stewart Weddings about just this, noting that you must be more “adventurous with palettes” and consider “mixing colors that traditionally would not go together.”


Ruffled probably said it best: “Receptions in 2019 will be LIT with mixed pendants, exposed bulbs, fringed masterpieces, mini lampshades and capiz shell chandeliers.” But it doesn’t stop there either – it’s important to rely on an expert audio-visual (AV) team to truly shake it up, especially with bright, vivid elements. Look to up-lighting or, like The Knot suggests, neon installations. Unique lighting can truly set the tone for your event, immediately wowing your guests while letting them know exactly what kind of celebration to expect!


The easiest way to explain this trend? Think all-out, Instagram-worthy reception bites. The Knot describes this edible trend as “the ultimate mashup of fine dining and comfort food,” including surprisingly exciting elements like “root beer floats in champagne flutes or mac-and-cheese cups topped with fresh lobster.” Rich Rosendale, of our in-house catering team, Rosendale Events thrives off of providing these specialty, edible elements. Creating items such as miniature lobster sliders served to your guests by sending them down a slide, house-made popsicles held in a sculpture made entirely out of ice, small grilled cheese sandwiches paired with organic tomato soup in single-sized vessels and individual desserts that are displayed to your guests after wowing them with a choreographed show. SIDE NOTE: The Knot notes that cinnamon rolls are replacing doughnuts as the trendiest wedding sweet and we are HERE FOR IT.


Say it again for the people in the back! We were so excited to see that The Knot included this in their trend round-up. This is yet another trend that we love because using unique venue space allows couples to truly express themselves. In fact, it’s partly why we created our newest 2 event spaces – The Cellar and our 155 Room in addition to our already renowned Whitehall Ballroom – so that we can truly cater to every couple and their wedding day vision.


This trend is showing up everywhere!

Couples are starting to create circular ceremony set-ups to help their guests feel more included. Plus, what better way to help reflect that these guests were invited because of their importance to you, your significant other and your relationship?! It’s entirely representative of their love and support for you both.

As Ruffled put it, “these intimate setups create an atmosphere of infinity and invitation,” not to mention the bonus aspect of being able to “show off every angle of your epic wedding dress.”

This is your day that will be filled with magic and surrounded by love, and we think that this is the perfect way to make sure you feel so.