Although, by now, we are all well aware of the nationwide pandemic known as COVID-19 and the hinderance of social normalcy resulting from its onset, there are still a large number of unknowns and uncertainties revolving around COVID-19 and how its existence will continue to alter society’s way of life. We know that this is an uncertain time for everyone and, as information seems to change almost daily regarding COVID-19 and its continuance, it is important to us that each of you – as our clients – feel supported and understood during this period.

As a result of such unpredictable circumstances resulting from COVID-19, the uncertainty regarding its longevity and the effect said circumstances have on our society, we are looking at each event with our clients on a case-by-case basis. For answers to any questions or concerns you have regarding your event, please reach out directly to your sales manager for help.

Thank you for working with us through this time. We will all get through this together!


Andrew C. Tull

President, Southern Exchange Ballrooms

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